Complete and certified reports on EU companies for legal professionals


Complete and certified reports on EU companies for legal professionals

Sample Report of an Anonymized Company

Sample Report of an anonymized company


Information from all official sources organized in a standard format


Audited path of data transfer for origin confirmation


Selection of information to “download only what you need”

Select the information you need from these categories and subcategories and only pay for the information you need:

General company information

  • EUID, VAT, Reg No
  • Ownership
  • Management
  • Legal changes over time
  • Number of employees
  • UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)
  • Controlling interests
  • Company status

Financial position of the company

5 years series for:

  • Financial highlights
  • Income statement
  • Distribution of profit/loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash-flow statement
  • Staff cost
  • Changes in equity
  • and many more

Relevant legal information

Mentions on:

  • Tax position
  • Bankruptcies
  • Forced closures
  • Liquidation
  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Major litigations


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To ensure you get the best information we source:

  • Trade Registers, Insolvency Registers, Ultimate Beneficial Owners Registers
  • Courts of Law and Official Journals
  • National Tax Offices
  • EU Official Registers


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