Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

Risksearch BV is strongly committed to protecting your personal information. It is our corporate social responsibility to protect personal information obtained from customers directly or through affiliated companies.

Accordingly, Risksearch BV shall comply with all applicable laws in the territories in which it operates. We regard proper management of personal data to be one of the core principles of our business.

Risksearch BV herein sets forth its Personal Data Protection Policy. Risksearch BV will comply with laws pertaining to personal data protection, and shall put in place its own rules and systems.

All employees of Risksearch BV shall abide by the Personal Data Protection Policy, and will make the strongest effort to protect personal data.

  1. Handling of Personal Data

Risksearch BV will obtain personal data via appropriate methods. Except where allowed by laws and regulations, etc., Risksearch BV uses personal data within the scope of the purposes of use specified. Risksearch BV will not use personal data beyond the necessary scope for the attainment of the stated purposes of use. Except where allowed by laws and regulations, Risksearch BV shall not provide personal data and personal identification data to a third party without prior consent from the individual.

  1. Personal Data Protection System

Risksearch BV shall assign managers to oversee the protection and management of personal data. Roles and responsibilities regarding personal data will be clearly defined for all employees. Employees will receive guidance on best procedures when handling personal data.

  1. Protection of Personal Data

In order to ensure the security of personal data Risksearch BV shall implement and oversee security measures necessary for prevention of leakage, loss or damage of personal data. Should any handling of any personal data be outsourced to a third party, an agreement with that third party requiring the protection of personal data will be created. Risksearch BV will provide instructions and supervision to the third party regarding the correct handling of personal data.

  1. Continuous Improvements to the Personal Data Protection Policy

Risksearch BV shall continuously review and look for improvements in its Personal Data Protection Policy to match with changes in business, social, legal or IT environments.

  1. Legal Compliance

Risksearch BV shall comply with all laws, government guidelines and other regulations governing the protection of personal data.

  1. Children

We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children below the age requiring parental consent. If it is discovered that we have collected personally identifiable information from such children without their parent’s consent, then reasonable measures will be taken to erase the information promptly.

  1. Revisions to this policy

Risksearch BV may revise this Policy in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations, or as necessary for best protecting personal information. Revisions to the Personal Data Protection Policy will become effective at the time of posting on Risksearch BV’s website unless otherwise noted.

  1. Inquiries

Risksearch BV will establish a procedure to accept and respond to inquiries regarding the Personal Data Protection Policy or collected data by Risksearch BV, and will respond in a maximum period of four weeks.

Created on 21/02/2018

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